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SheerScape Retaining Walls

CMI's SheerScape retaining wall system has revolutionized the hardscape industry by providing a sustainable, cost-effective system for Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) structures. Unlike traditional block or MSE retaining walls, SheerScape utilizes patented hybrid technology which combines the inherent strength and shape properties of our FlatPanelTM synthetic sheet piling with proven geogrid fabrics. SheerScape Connector Rods can increase safety factors, performance and confidence while providing a positive mechanical connection between the sheet piling and geogrid. The SheerScape Retaining Wall System can be installed faster than traditional concrete block retaining walls as SheerScape generally requires no footer or foundation. The SheerScape system also allows design engineers to account for significant scour, erosion issues and challenging soil conditions with the depth of toe penetration options offered by sheet piling.

Never before has any mechanically stabilized earth wall had the potential to perform so well in less than ideal soils, standing water, or in flood control and drainage canals. The SheerScape FlatPanel sheets are installed vertically allowing full utilization of valuable property unlike most concrete block walls and other MSE structures which are angled back into the property as they are stacked. Additionally, conventional fences and railing are easily installed directly on top of SheerScape walls without compromising the geogrid. SheerScape walls come in a variety of textures and colors, including the look of natural stone, to coordinate with the surrounding landscape.

In addition to cutting installation time, SheerScape will significantly cut your projects carbon footprint as well. The system incorporates ShoreGuard, the world's most trusted synthetic sheet piling brand, which is a sustainable product composed of more than 90% recycled materials. The manufacturing process and shipping of SheerScape components produce substantially less carbon emissions and related energy consumption than concrete/stone production and shipping.

If you are planning, designing or installing a MSE retaining wall then call CMI today to learn more about SheerScape.

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