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ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheet Piling

ShoreGuard revolutionized the sheet piling industry twenty-five years ago as the first commercially successful brand of vinyl sheet piling. Until the creation of ShoreGuard, most seawalls, bulkheads and water control structures were made of steel, concrete, or treated wood. Steel rusts, is expensive and requires endless maintenance. Concrete can settle and crack exposing internal steel and rarely is installed to the proper depth. Treated wood leaches toxic chemicals into the water supply, can be damages by UV exposure and is literally eaten away by marine worms in brackish and salt water.

On the other hand, ShoreGuard has provided a cost-effective and sustainable building material for seawalls and other sheet piling structures that can be installed easier and provide a long service-life without toxic coatings or preservatives. ShoreGuard vinyl sheet piling is corrosion resistant, UV resistant and impervious to marine worm activity which has made it the top choice for engineers and contractors worldwide.

PVC: The Construction Plastic

The inherent qualities of polyvinyl chloride (commonly referred to as PVC or vinyl) have been a key to ShoreGuard's success. Billions of pounds of vinyl are produced each year in the United States and most of it is used in the construction industry. In addition to sheet piling, vinyl's low cost, durability, life-cycle performance and low environmental impact make it the material of choice for dozens of industries such as home construction, health care, communications, aerospace, automotive, and textiles. For example, like ShoreGuard is replacing traditionally used sheet piling, PVC pipe is replacing steel pipe. With broken water mains and corroded pipe systems failing, municipalities coast to coast are solving the problem by installing durable, sustainable PVC pipe systems designed to last into the next century. In the same way for many of the same reasons ShoreGuard is providing better solutions for not only seawalls but floodwalls, retaining walls, and other water control structures. ShoreGuard has been thoroughly tested by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and widely used by the USACE, Natural Resource Conservation Service, EPA, Department of the Interior and many fortune 500 companies.

The XCR Difference

Twenty-five years after the creation of ShoreGuard it remains the bestselling, most trusted synthetic sheet piling in the world. Much of this success is due to XCR Manufacturing Technologies. XCR integrates state-of-the-art material processing, high precision co-extrusion technology, and vinyl formulations based on CMI's 65 years of experience. XCR has enabled ShoreGuard to incorporate many of CMI's 20+ patents like the Box Profile, the FlatPanel, the I-Beam Interlock, and Strong Back Ribs. XCR Technology makes ShoreGuard the most resistant synthetic sheet piling to UV exposure and corrosive chemicals. If you use any sheet piling other than ShoreGuard then you are simply using obsolete technology. Remember, the most costly structure is the one that fails.

Sustainability: ShoreGuard's Low Carbon Footprint

The ShoreGuard factory is the only facility of its kind in the world, designed from the ground up to produce synthetic sheet piling. Completed in 2006, it employs patented extrusion technology, world class quality control procedures and sophisticated recycling processes to reduce ShoreGuard's carbon footprint. In the last 2 decades, our facilities has recycled hundreds of millions of pounds of plastic that would have otherwise ended up buried in landfills. ShoreGuard is comprised of more than 90% recycled material.

The Industry Leader

CMI is part of an organization which has invented and produced innovative synthetic building products since 1947. In addition to ShoreGuard, CMI can also provide proprietary installation equipment, product specific assistance and the support of our team of experts.